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Regular meeting with two prepared speakers and two guests on 14th of January 2023

We had very first meeting of this year, 2023 with two guests. The meeting them was “New Year’s resolution.” At the Table Topic session, some of typical resolutions were introduced by the Table Topic Master and she asked the members’ opinion on them. It was a fun session with unique answers. The Table Topic master’s comments were concise and very to the point! She did a perfect job! Both of the two prepared speakers delivered their first speeches in our club. TM S. Y. introduced himself with his motto which is “Practice every day and be prepared for anything.” He also introduced three beautiful places where he had grown up. It was a very impressive speech. TM R. B is an experienced toastmaster, and he is now a member of our club. He is our first member who lives overseas. He gave us a lot of information about CO2. We can learn a lot from him from now on.

Evaluations were made by experienced members by pointing out good points and where improvements could be made. We help and encourage each other to keep learning. It was a nice session led by the very calm and sophisticated manner of the Toastmaster of the morning. She did a wonderful job! One of the guests was so impressed by our meeting and promised us to come back again.

We are looking forward to the 500th Special Meeting on February 25, 2023! Come and join our online celebration. Best Table Topic Speaker: K.A. Best Evaluator: H.Y. Best Speaker: S. Y.

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