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Be our Guest - Discover our Club

Broaden your horizons, communicate with impact, become a leader, expand your network, have fun!


Leadership Toastmasters Club is a Toastmasters Club in Tokyo. Meeting is conducted in English.

Leadership Toastmasters Club has below characteristics:


・Wide range of ages. Balanced gender. Matured but friendly atmosphere.

・Multinational. Japanese members’ English level is relatively high.

・Club-Life balanced? Saturday morning meeting is friendly for members who have families or have other activities.

How to join a meeting as a Guest



To join as a guest is free and there is no need for reservation. You can come  in the meeting room on the day.  See our meeting information page about place and time. 


If you would like to contact us before the meeting with any questions, or clarification simply send us a message on our Contact page and we will reply to you promptly.


Joining as a guest is the best way to experience our club first hand. You can join as a guest as many times as you want for free. In all our meetings we are honored to be visited by several guests and we strive for you to experience our friendly and welcoming environment. 

Who can join Leadership TMC?


Everybody over the age of 18 can join as a guest and become a member. 

Our members are a very diverse group of both Japanese and foreigners across all age groups and backgrounds. 


A basic conversational English skill is beneficial but you don't have to be fluent, as our club will help you enhance your English communication skills.  There is no Japanese speaking skills requirement.


Our member's public speaking skills vary from people who have never spoken in public to proficient public speakers. You will become a better communicator irrespective of your level!

What do meetings look like?


As a member of Toastmasters International, our meetings follow the Toastmasters guidelines. 


A typical meeting has 15-30 participants including some guests. A number of the members have pre-assigned roles, including a meeting coordinator, several prepared speakers, speech evaluators, time keeper, grammar checker and others.


Besides pre-assigned role takers, attendees can give short impromptu presentations during the Table-Topics session.


Watch the video on this section about a typical Toastmasters meeting format. The best way to find out is to join us a guest!

Becoming a Member


We encourage you to join our club as a guest as many times as you want, and once you know that our club is what you are looking for, the best way to take a full advantage of the Toastmasters experience is for you to become a full time member.  


As a member of Leadership Toastmasters Club you will automaticaly be enrolled to Toastmasters International, you will be able to take active roles in meetings and start your path on the rewarding Toastmasters Educational Program. You will also be assigned a mentor from the club and receive a number of educational material. You will become a Toastmaster!


For information on how to apply for membership, please see our application page

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