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Educational Resources for Our Club Members!

Know the Organization

As a member of Leadership Toastmasters Club, you are part of a big international Organization:

Login on Toastmasters international to find much more useful information about the organization


Know the Educational Program

As a member of LTMC you are automaticaly enrolled to the TM Educational Program. As you take roles and give presentations you advance on the communication and leadership tracks receiving official recongnition awards as you meet certain milestones. Browse the TM Educational Program page for all the details. See this diagram to visualize the educational tracks. 

Sign up for your next meeting role, view meeting agenda, view your progress in ToastMasters by loggin into Easy Speak. 

Your login details should have been provided to you when you joined the club.

Date and Place of all our upcoming meetings. 

Stay in touch, view meeting photos and socialize with other club membres on the club's facebook page. This is a members only closed group.

Stay in touch with the latest announcements for meetings and other event. Our twitter feed is for both members and guests.


Contact the club members

You can contact fellow club members using the club internal mailing list .

Find more about who the club officers are, what they do and how you can become an officer in the next term.

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