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Regular Meeting with 2 prepared speeches on Jun 11th

Toastmasters of the Morning: TM M.T.

Theme: "Good Deal"

Guest Greeter: TM Y.K.

Today we welcomed a new member to our club. It is always nice to have a fresh atmosphere.

Our TMOM this day was TM M.T. conducting his first TMOM before moving to another country. He conducted his duty with a calm attitude and was flexible. The theme was about "Good Deal", about good purchase members experienced recently.

Table Topics Masters was conducted by TM Y.K. He misunderstood that a good deal was about the economy, so questions were related to economy?

Questions that were asked were related to the exchange rate, the influence welcoming casinos, the effect of lockdown in China, the country opening for tourists, and the overall economy status.

Prepared Speech Session Speaker 1: TM S.N. "General Manager Award - presenter"

The speaker once again performed her social speech. This was about awarding a special manager for hard work (herself).

Speaker 2: TM M.K. "5, 4, 3" The speaker utilized the better speakers series to guide us through Table Topics Speeches. The speaker used episodes effectively.

Evaluation Session General Evaluator: TM C.W. 1st Evaluator: TM C.W. 2nd Evaluator: TM S.M.

Awards Best Table Topics Speaker: TM Y.T. Best Evaluator: TM S.M. Best Speaker: TM M.K.

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