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Regular meeting with 2 prepared speakers on September 10th 2022

The meeting started on time with the President’s open remarks. She mentioned about Queen Elizabeth the Ⅱ’s very first speech in her life.

The meeting theme was “Food and Appetite are Both in Season!” We talked about our favorite food and how we eat eco-friendly.

Table Topic Session was conducted by TM M.K. She asked variety of questions regarding food we eat. Questions were:

  • What is your favorite fruit?

  • What is your favorite cuisine?

  • Tell us about your breakfast.

  • Tell us about your picnic lunch.

  • Do you grow any vegetables?

  • What is your hometown famous food? The best Table Topic speaker shared her experience regarding blueberries.

Prepared Speech Session

The first speaker, TM C.E. explained how we Toastmasters Clubs conduct Evaluation contest this fall and she asked the members to cooperate our Area K-5 contest. Her slides were beautifully made and easy to follow. The second speaker, TM S. M. talked about communication “Bombs.” As a Japanese and English-speaking Thai, to have communication with unknown Japanese people was sometimes dropping bombs.

Evaluation Session During the evaluation session we used breakout room in the meeting for the first time and three evaluators were moved to breakout room while the first evaluator was making evaluation speech. We could see a picture of “Evaluation Contests.” It was a nice first step for the online evaluation contest. Best Table Topic Speaker: TM M.T.

Best Evaluator: TM M.T.

Best Speaker: TM S. M.

13 members attended the meeting.

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