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Uplifting Meeting with two Speakers on February 11, 2023

Today's meeting was very uplifting with very relaxed atmosphere. We exchanged a lot of nice thoughts about culture, communication, drinks, food from the aspect of today's theme, Coffee Break.

Having professional TMOM who experienced in the US clubs and her way of choosing the theme resonated with Table Topic Master's questions very well !! Each helper supported with creativeness and TMOM/Table Topic Master provided each feedback and the communication catch ball enhanced the thoughts and the meeting has become fruitful as every participant presented their thoughts with relaxed friendly atmosphere.

Word of the morning was "dissolve" which was used in the meeting frequently thanks to the introduction with several usage samples with synonyms.

We had two contest speeches which were polished from last time. Very sincere and nice messages based on speakers' own experience.

Two evaluators provided thoughtful feedback standing in each speaker's shoes based on evaluator's rich experience in Toastmasters.

Best Table Topic Speaker : TM M.A.

Best Evaluator : TM S.M.

Best Speaker (Contest Speech) : TM C.E.

We concluded 499th meeting successfully!!!

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