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527th Regular Meeting (Hybrid), "When time stands still" 11th May 2024

The chairperson TM H.Y. opened the meeting 10am sharp, citing Sweden as No.1 happiest country, as we have a guest from Stockholm TMC. The meeting was managed in a vibrant atmosphere thanks to the first time TMOM TM M.S. She did a wonderful job

We had two guests. TM N.H. from Stockholm, taking the role of an evaluator and won the best evaluator

Another guest was Mr. B.K.S. from Nepal, and he won the Best Table Topic Speaker, and he decided to join LTMC.

The first Prepared Speaker TM R.M. passionately talked about "Lion King" and sung beautiful three songs, "Circle of life", He lives in you" and "Can you fell love".

The second speaker TM Y.K. talked about the history and structure of "Hangul" and inspired us with the appealing of "Hangul".

TM C.E. led the Table Topic Session in line with the theme today "Time stands still" sung by Rush, a Canadian rock singer. Table Topic Speakers shared various impressions about related topics.

We had encouraging evaluation session with good points as well as points to be improved.

Best Speaker TM Y.K.

Best Evaluator :TM N.H.

Best Table Topic Speaker :Mr. B.K.S.

Next regular meeting will be held on 5/25 in hybrid from 10am JST at Tokyo Volunteer Center. Join us the Leadership Toastmasters Club for fun and learning.

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