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Rehearsal meeting for the Area contest on 13th March 2023

Practice, practice, practice! Practice makes perfect! Two contestants of Area K-5 International Speech contest delivered practice speeches.

Every year, we encouraged our members to test their skills in the speech contest. This year we have 2 members taking the challenge!

Today we started the meeting with Tips: How to answer Table Topics by TM M T.

Toastmaster of the morning (The MC) TM K. A. took the role by performing piano music on spring, which is the theme of today's meeting.

Therefore, our table topic master prepared the questions about Spring. We could exchange our ideas on how to handle hay fever, where to enjoy cherry blossom and so on.

In the prepared speech session, since the day of the meeting was the last day they can practice in front of audience(camera). So we have a special round table comment for them.

TM C. E. with speech title 'Rejuvenate'

TM E. K. with speech title 'Fiction or non-fiction'

After the personal evaluation on how improve their speech, we conducted round table to let them hear directly from the audience(meeting participants). They could get the idea on how to make use of their speech as well as words of encouragement!

All the best for them in the Area K-5 International Speech contest!

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