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Regular meeting with two speakers on 27 August, 2022

Today’s meeting theme was “Extreme Weather”.

Thanks to TM N.S. for undertaking the Word-of-the-Day role for the on-time start of our meeting! At the start of the meeting, President TM. M.K., apprised us of our accomplishment of the 2021 Distinguished Club Award; TM S.M. contributed by completing one whole Pathway levels and is ready to move on to a next one. TMoD, TM M.T., then prompted members to introduce each assigned role together with a short story related with the meeting theme ‘Extreme Weather’. The WoD was announced to be ‘ramble’ by TM N.S.

In the following Table-Topic session, the TT Master, TM. Y.S., asked three questions related with ‘Extreme Weather’: experience with extreme weather, safeguarding ideas, and ideas for solving the climate change.

The first speaker, TM C.E., talked about the history, personal memory of fireworks, and remarked the peaceful use of gunpowder as fireworks and the opposite use of gunpowder for firearms in the world today.

The second speaker, TM K.A., gave us extensive introduction for Evaluation in TMC, starting with her private motivation, advantages, effective preparation, structure and friendly advice on the words usage.

In the evaluation session, TM. S.M. ,regarding the first speech, gave suggestions on the use of rhetorical techniques and emotional expression to enhance inspirational aspect of the speech. TM. M.K. regarding the second speech, thanked TM. K.A. for giving a general introduction for Evaluation and encouraged members to enjoy TM Evaluation.

Best Table Topics Speaker: TM L.P.

Best Evaluator: TM. S.M.

Best Prepared Speaker: TM C.E.

It was one of the most enjoyable and educational meetings because we learned a lot of hints for improving our English skills from TM L.P.

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