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Regular meeting with officer installation on 26th June 2021

TM C W, our president, opened her last meeting as a president.

Guest greeter: TM C W

· TM B A, from Illinois, USA

· TM H Y, next area 25 director

· TM G B, from Morocco

Toastmaster of the Morning: TM S M

The meeting theme is PACE, as a moment for everyone to reflect on their own life.

Word of the morning: TM O M, Prodigious

Timer: TM N S

Vote Counter: TM S M

Uh-Ah counter: TM S N

Grammarian: TM B A

Table Topic Session : TM M K

She has set the questions according to the theme of the meeting today: PACE

1. What is your PACE last year in COVID-19?

2. How was your PACE of your whole life?

3. What do you expect for this coming new year?

4. Who is a person who work on his/her pace around you?

Prepared Speech session

1st speaker: TM E K, Leadership Development #1-4 – Researching and Presenting

“challenge conventional wisdom”

What is the requirement to develop ourselves? : Challenge Conventional Wisdom!

He opened with the current event for new grads: Job hunting.

He talks about the development of human with history knowledges. Such as, Magellan, and Charles Darwin’s theories.

“I need to think for myself and then I challenge conventional wisdom”

2nd speaker: TM Y K, Effective Coaching #3-6 – Connect with Storytelling

“Decided not to…”

He talked about his struggle to study and re-study English. He used to stay in the US for several years in his childhood. He spoiled himself until the university. He then tried to study and quit twice in the university. In the 3rd year of working, he needs to read the contract in English and he realized that he could not understand it. He felt miserable for not being able to do so, but he has a serendipity to try to study English once again and to study in the US. He went on the third challenge with different attitude. He decided NOT TO DO something.

· Not to use many textbooks, but focus only on a book. He gave examples of the books he used.

· Not to go drinking

Finally, he achieved 114/120 TOEFL scores and enabled him to go to any school in the US.

“What is your priority? If your priority is English, why don’t you decide not to do something?”

3th speaker: TM C W, Leadership Development #1-4 – Researching and Presenting

“Our Choice”

She started with scary question about the real world in 21th century of choices to die. She leads us to the topic of animal rights. She started the story of breeding chicken in Japan. From hygienic conditions of their growing, it may seem like it would be alright. However, actually, the bacteria that grow in the chicken could infect us, too. We have our choice to choose chickens that are bred and grow naturally.

“Animal life is not only for animal life. It affects human life, too. Our choice can change the world.”

Evaluation session: General evaluator, TM N I

1st Evaluator: TM C E

2nd Evaluator: TM K A

3rd Evaluator: TM T N

Later, all the helpers report their roles and the general evaluator evaluated the whole meeting today!

Lastly, the award session. Here are our awardees!

Best Table Topic Speaker: TM H Y, our guest

Best Evaluator: TM T M

Best Speaker: TM C W

Thank you, current officers! You're discharged!

We had officer installation by the next term Area Director TM H Y The next Division B Director, TM J S attended the ceremony, too!

We have a super fun meeting again, today! Thank you very much for your participation!

We will have the next meeting with the new officer! See you on 10th July!

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