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Regular meeting with officer installation on 10th July 2021

President started off by showing condolence for everyone who suffered heavy rain recently. Also president mentioned new fiscal year for Toastmasters.

Toastmasters of the Morning: TM S.N.

Now in July, Japan has 7th Tanabata. Hikoboshi and Orihime meeting once every year.

Meeting theme will be ingenuity. We have a new business year. We start quiz session; in enhance active listening. Why not share ingenuity part of ourselves?

Guest greeter: TM S.N.

3 guests. TM H.Y Area 25 Director, TM M, and TM B.

(Then role takers introduce roles)

Word of the morning: Interminable.

Table Topics Speakers Session

Table Topics Masters: TM E.K.

Topic is about Heatwave.

Q1. Do you think Canada heatwave is only about Canada?

Q2. If you are Secretary General of UN, do you accept people buying Air Conditioners?

Q3. How would you encourage countries to secure electricity?

Q4. Could you recommend traditional ways of preventing heat in summer?

Q5. How do you decrease energy consumption?

Prepared Speech Session

Speaker 1 : Guest TM B.

“The Remaking of a Blank Life: the relaunch of a podcast with mission.”

Story about podcasts making. Started 3 years ago, then restarted in 2021 amid COVID-19.

Podcast is Talk about real life with real people. Do not worry about being perfect. Rather embrace the opportunity. In one of the podcast episode, the counterpart were out of the conversation mostly.

Speaker 2: TM K

“The DCP”

Leadership Toastmasters club needs to gather points, 6 Educational Points, and 4 others.

Evaluation Session

General Evaluator K

1st Evaluator: TM K

2nd Evaluator: TM S

Later, all the helpers report their roles.

Suggestion: please take roles if possible before the meeting as long as professional or personal life is not so tough.

Quiz session: TM A

The session was very good asking what speaker has mentioned.

We will have the next meeting in 24th July!

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