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Regular meeting with new member Induction Ceremony on 14th Aug 2021

We had another stimulus meeting with a new member and current members.

President gave thoughts for heavy rain that is still hitting Japan.

Since one member is evacuating from heavy rain, TMOM changed to TM A.

6 guests, 3 Toastmasters guests and 3 non-Toastmasters guests visited our meeting. Wow!

And first Induction ceremony in this fiscal year 2021-2022, welcoming a new member TM M. Already a member in US, got DTM. Strong support for our club!

Table topics session served by TM K:

Q1 Security camera system. Do you agree or disagree?

Q2 Some people do not care about security camera because they are good citizens. Do you agree or disagree?

Q3 Do you think security cameras serve a purpose?

Q4 Was security camera possible to prevent X from escaping Japan?

Q5 Does having more security cameras prevent infection in Japan?

Prepared speech session:

Speaker 1 from TM M “Why is change required?”

TM M introduced DX (Digital Transformation) era to show why change is required.

Speaker 2 from Guest TM H (from Indonesia) “Digital Eyes Symptoms”

TM H introduced about the symptoms we are struggling in the digital age.

Speaker 3 from TM M “How are you doing?”

TM M showed her leadership style of active listening. Without listening you cannot be a good speaker.

Evaluation session:

General Evaluator TM Y

1st Evaluator: TM W

2nd Evaluator: TM S

3rd Evaluator: TM K

3 Evaluators gave model type of evaluations. Word of the morning “Impedimenta”, used from 6 members. Um-Ah Counter and Grammarian was reported from different angle.

Evaluation Session.

Quiz session: TM N

Questions were tough today. We need to take notes to answer.

We will have the next meeting in 28th Aug.

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