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525th Regular Meeting (Hybrid), "Sustainability" 13th April 2024

Regular meeting with two Speakers on April 13, 2024.

President started the meeting a couple of minutes later due to unstable connection

of PC.

“Sustainability” was proposed by TMoM Y.K. as the meeting theme of the day,

because she thought it crucial for all the citizens of the world to recognize Albert

Einstein’s warning about the danger of extinction of honey bees. Building eco-

friendly societies and lesser water consumption were also proposed before the

introductions of other roles.

Coincidentally Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida was visiting the US with state

guest treatment. Our President as the Word-of-the-Day concurrently introduced the


In the Prepared Speech Session, the first speaker, TM M.T. talked about basic

accounting rules on making Profit and loss statement. He explained about matching

principles of entry timing of sales, cost and profit.

The second speaker, TM S.N. talked about requirements of the so called ‘Classic

Hotel’ and introduced and recommended the Nikko Kanaya Hotel as one of them.

In the Table Topic Session, TM M.T. conducted it on the base of the meeting theme.

Four questions on SDGs were given to the members: Gender Equality;

Conservation of electricity; Keeping Health; Mental Health.

In the Evaluation Session, TM E.K. showed his satisfaction and his hope to know

more, and TM N.I. agreed on the presentation with some ideas for improvement.

The meeting was reviewed with some quiz conducted by TM M.T.

  • Best Table Topic Speaker: TM S.Y.

  • Best Evaluator: TM N.I.

  • Best Speaker: TM M.T.

Although the meeting started a bit later, it ended a minute earlier. It was full of

contemporary topics with enjoyable and friendly atmosphere. Abundant ideas of

creation and improvement gave all springlike feeling of starting to grow.

Next regular meeting will be on 4/27, in hybrid, and at Tokyo Volunteer Center.

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