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Regular meeting with 4 prepared speakers on 28th August 2021

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Blog credit: TM S.N.

Toastmasters of the Morning: TM J.M. Theme: Heyday. Guest Greeter: TM Y.K. We had 13 guests today, probably the highest at least for the past 3 years. TM H.Y Area 25 Director, TM N.T., TM B.A., TM H.N., TM E.M., TM S.B., TM M.P., Ms. R.H., TM I.Q., Ms. Y.I., Mr. H.L., TM A.C. and Ms. Y.T. (Then role takers introduce roles) Word of the morning: Lovable.

Table Topics Speakers Session

Table Topics Masters: TM O.M. Topic is "Give a short story with a picture". Q1. Mt. Fuji TM M.P. : He has an experience of visiting Mt. Fuji with his parents. Shared his lovable memory about taking pictures there. Q2. Sushi TM E.M. : Sushi is well known for healthy food. He ate it once, but he didn't feel good for his stomach. And He didn't get used to eating raw food. Q3. Natto (fermented food) Mr. H.L. : His first try made him feel bad. After 2008, his journeys in Japan, like morning buffet, gave him many chances to try natto. It took many years for him to get used to natto. Q4. Fireworks Ms. R.H. : Fireworks reminds her hometown, Chiba. She saw them at every summer festival with happy memories. Q5. Aurora Ms. Y.T. : She thinks that it brings her fortune. She wants to see the pictures, if anyone took ones. Prepared Speech Session

Speaker 1 : TM K.A. "Role Model" Shared her story about her menter in making speeches, and her opinion of the qualities of mentees and mentors. Speaker 2: TM M.K. “Be a Lucky Member! Be a Special Member!” Showed an example of a member's effort to improve her speech, and shared a lovable story as mentor of her with mentee's personality. Speaker 3: Guest TM H.Y. "Manuals" Shared his thoughts about public speaking. And he gave some hints with a story of a blind man in the book "Tsuma no torisetsu (instruction manualof your wife)", Ihoko Kurokawa.

Speaker 4: TM S.M. "Develop Club's Internet Marketing" Shared his accomplishment for our club as his High Performance Leadership mission. He took advantage of Internet tools like SNS with statistics about Internet Marketing. Now our club has opened the logs and activities on twitter and its home page.

Evaluation Session

General Evaluator: TM M.T.

1st Evaluator: TM A.M.

2nd Evaluator: Guest TM H.N.

3rd Evaluator: Guest TM M.P.

4th Evaluator: TM Y.K.


Best Table Topics Speaker : Mr. H.L. Best Speaker : TM S.M.

Best Evaluator : TM Y.K.

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