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Regular meeting with 3 prepared speakers on Oct 23rd 2021

Blog credit: TM M.K.

Toastmasters of the Morning: TM M.K.

Theme: Mission & Happy Halloween

October 22nd is the Toastmasters club’s birthday, a date Dr. Ralph C. Smedley had the very first Toastmasters meeting at the YMCA in Santa Ana, California, 97 years ago. We were lucky to have our meeting on this auspicious day, even though it was already October 23rd in Japan!

Guest Greeter: TM Y.K.

We had a few guests today, TM H.Y., Area 25 Director, and TM B.A. supported our meeting as always. We also had another guest from the U.S., TM S.B. Thank you for being one of our prepared speakers.

The Club Mission was introduced by Toastmaster of the Morning.

Word of the Morning: TM B.A. “Hallow & Earthly” and we were set a big challenge where we needed to use these two words in a sentence!

Table Topics Masters was presented by TM Y.K.

Today’s Table Topic master introduced the idea that questions did not have to be follow the meeting theme, so that the TTM is free to think of any questions. Today, the questions were varied.

Q1: How did you feel when you got up this morning? TM Y.T. answered by saying it was hard to get up early on Saturday morning, but it made her happy because she was able to see familiar faces at the meeting.

Q2: What was your recent nightmare? TM H.Y.’s answer was related to the movie “007.” His nightmare was about who is going to be the next James Bond.

Q3: What is your preparation for winter?

TM M.T. said she had just returned from living for a long time in a warm California to a cold Tokyo recently. She also said she had no idea how to survive this cold weather and she might freeze to death. TTM advised her to go to UNIQLO!

Q4: What was the last book you read? Guest TM B. A. answered the question by telling us about a book she is wring right now.

Q5: What kind of session do you want to have in the TMC meeting?

TM N. S. answered the question by saying she would like to everyone to share what they have learned from this Covid-19 situation. She wants to have a session about this topic.

Prepared Speech Session

Speaker 1 : TM S. M.

" PhD stands for……"

The speaker shared his experience about how tough it had been to achieve his PhD. He figured out PhD stands for “Permanent Head Damage.” He analyzed it and proved it with all kinds of statistics. Gaining his Ph.D had been exhausting and now he is trying to get back on his feet again.

Speaker 2 : TM T. N.

"Let’ Get Together"

The speaker encouraged the members to attend the upcoming joint meeting with Tokyo Metropolitan TMC.

Speaker 3 : TM S.B

"Take a Day Trip With Me"

The speaker took us to a beautiful autumnal- colored place called “Door County” in Wisconsin. She took us to a restaurant, on a hiking tour and shopping. Although she did not show us any slides, we all fully enjoyed the day trip together.

General Evaluator: J.M. He led the Evaluation session very smoothly.

1st Evaluator: TM Y.T. Pointed out how hard it was to make a speech about such hardship! She wanted to know if the speaker had successfully got a girlfriend or not. 2nd Evaluator TM K.A. Pointed out how enthusiastic the speaker was about forming a delegation to a joint meeting. 3rd Evaluator TM C.E said how lucky she was to get to evaluate this speech because she had lived in Wisconsin for some years and knew “Door County.” For her, the speech brought back her memories and really moved her.

Best Table Topics Speaker : Guest TM B.A. & TM M.T.

Best Evaluator: TM. C.E. Best Prepared Speaker: Guest TM S.B.

It was a very cozy meeting and all in all a successful, a fruitful and fun meeting!

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