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Regular meeting with 3 prepared speakers on Jan 8th 2022

Toastmasters of the Morning: TM C.W.

Theme: New Year

Guest Greeter: TM Y.K.

We successfully completed another hybrid meeting. We started with a good "kick" with 3 speeches.

The first meeting of 2022 started. President mentioned about 20th anniversary party coming soon. We welcomed 1 guest. TM H.Y Area 25 Director, and TM B.A. supported our meeting as always.

Table Topics Masters was being presented by TM M.K.. Questions about when we were 20 years old. Members answered what presents they got, whether he or she drove a car, what food he or she liked, where he or she was, and whether he or she had boy or girl friend. The last one was answered in a humorous way.

Prepared Speech Session

Speaker 1: TM M.T.

"Let's play Weiqi!"

The newest member TM M.T. delivered another speech, focusing about Igo, 囲碁 in Japanese, and called Weiqi in Chinese. He mentioned AI and You Tube are factors that makes easier to start Weiqi.

Speaker 2: TM C.E.

"Receiving a fortune"

TM C.E. received Daikichi, 大吉, when she visited the shrine in the new year. Connecting with receiving a fortune, TM C.E. mentioned some new year resolutions, one of them is about giving more speeches this year.

Speaker 3: TM T.N.


TM T.N. reported about his project succeeding the joint meeting with Tokyo Metropolitan Toastmasters Club in Nov. His speech was an evaluation speech towards his project, also giving gratitude towards key members towards success of the event.

Evaluation Session

General Evaluator: TM .K.

1st Evaluator: TM S.M.

2nd Evaluator: TM Y.T.

3rd Evaluator: TM Y.K.

Quiz Master: Guest TM B.A. asked questions mainly about table topics speakers. She did take extra caution of speaker’s words.


Best Table Topics Speaker: Area 25 Director

Best Evaluator: TM Y.K.

Best Speaker: TM C.E.

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