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Regular meeting with 3 prepared speakers and 4 guests on 10th of December 2022

We had a great meeting again with multiple visitors and a guest speaker from the US.

Today’s theme was about sports. Perhaps many of you have been watching the FIFA World Cup games but there are many other sports to enjoy by both participating and watching. Today’s participants talked about some of their favorite sports.

Today’s word was Raucous. Do you know how to use this word? The Word Master chose a good word for us to learn and expand our vocabulary. Some of the attendees managed to use the word. A great job!

The Table Topics session was full of fun as usual. The Table Topics master did a great job choosing questions and listening to all the speakers. Her comments were brief and to the point. Excellent!

We had three speakers and evaluations. We’d like to congratulate each one of the speakers for delivering well-prepared speeches. The evaluators listened attentively and gave good points and the areas of improvement about the speeches.

The meeting was filled with fun and joy. If you missed today’s meeting please join us next time on December 24th. We will have a hybrid meeting. Best Table Topic Speaker: H.L. Best Evaluator: M.T. Best Speaker: C. E.

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