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Regular Meeting with 2 prepared speeches on May 28th

Toastmasters of the Morning: TM M.K.

Theme: "Roses"

Guest Greeter: TM Y.K.

Today’s theme was about roses because now is the season for roses. We had some guests from another Toastmasters club. Table Topics Masters were done by TM. M.T. He asked questions about animals. Some of the questions were: dogs or cats, animal talent you want to get, and animals you are afraid of.

Prepared Speech Session

Speaker 1: TM S.M.

"Lesson from mentors"

The speaker reflected on his experiences being a mentee and came up with aspects that are important for mentors.

Speaker 2: Guest TM M.I.

"A happening in the Caribbean Sea"

The speaker shared her experience in a Caribbean Nation using storytelling technique.

Evaluation Session

General Evaluator: TM S.K.

1st Evaluator: TM M.T.

2nd Evaluator: TM C.W.

Quiz Master: TM S.W.


Best Table Topics Speaker: TM C.W.

Best Evaluator: TM C.W.

Best Speaker: TM S.M. and TM M.I.

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