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Regular meeting with 2 prepared speeches on Mar 26th 2022

Toastmasters of the Morning: TM M.T.

Theme: Weekend Getaways

Guest Greeter: TM Y.K.

The meeting started off asking for next officers.

Today’s theme was about thinking about going out and travel. Table Topics Master was about this topic, conducted by TM C.W. The questions were about “where to go out”, “where to go out with kids”, “which country to visit”, “what do you inside the house with 1 million JPY”, and “Mountain or Hotel for a getaway”.

Prepared Speech Session

Speaker 1: TM J.M.


TM J.M. gave a last sophisticated speech, appreciating his 3 years in the club. His speech style using pauses intrigued members.

Speaker 2: TM E.K.

"language is the root of culture and identity"

TM E.K. talked about his experience visiting Aomori and thoughts of local languages.

Evaluation Session

General Evaluator: TM S.M.

1st Evaluator: TM N.S.

2nd Evaluator: TM K.A.

Quiz Master: TM K.A.


Best Table Topics Speaker: Guest TM B.A.

Best Evaluator: TM K.A.

Best Speaker: TM J.M.

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