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Regular Meeting with 2 prepared speeches on Jul 12th

Toastmaster of the Morning (Emcee of the meeting): TM K A

Theme: “Safety”

Our TMOM TM K A has introduced today theme related to the shocking news of Japan that the past prime minister was assassinated.

We talked about safety during role introduction and table topic session!

Here are questions we have here!

· Would you like to hire a bodyguard?

· Danger in an office?

· How to keep your house clean?

· What did you do to keep your cyber security?

· What is your safe space?

· What do you do to keep environment safe?

Prepared Speech Session

1st speaker: TM E K “Japan to be an inclusive society”

He talked about how Japan will be inclusive society with statistic support!

2nd speaker: TM M K “No More Leadership TMC”

She elaborated what will happen if we don’t have our club any more. This has encouraged us to value what we have in present.

General Evaluator: TM M T

1st Evaluator: TM K A

2nd Evaluator: S N

Award announcement!

Best Table Topic Speaker: TM Y B

Best Evaluator: TM K A

Best Speaker: TM M K

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