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Regular meeting with 2 prepared speeches on Mar 12th 2022

Toastmasters of the Morning: TM C.W.

Theme: Gourmand

Guest Greeter: TM Y.K.

We successfully completed another hybrid meeting. The president started by mentioning the March 11th earthquake 2011 and peace for Ukraine. We welcomed the old member TM Sasaki once again to the club.

Table Topics Master is conducted by TM M.T. about gourmand. The questions were “extravagant food you enjoyed”, “which food to pack when going out”, “which food to bring in space as an Astronaut”, “which inexpensive food you enjoyed”, “best Ekiben you ever had”, and “are you a ramen person or hamburger person”.

Prepared Speech Session

Speaker 1: TM M.K.

"The Miracle of Insight"

TM M.K. talked about the friendship with another member through an episode related to miracle.

Speaker 2: TM C.E.

The speech is the updated version of the contest speech. Content shall not be disclosed.

Evaluation Session

General Evaluator: TM K.A.

1st Evaluator: TM M.T.

2nd Evaluator: TM N.S.

Quiz Master: TM Y.K.

We had another feedback session for the contentant. Good luck!


Best Table Topics Speaker: Guest TM B.A.

Best Evaluator: TM N.S.

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