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Regular meeting with 1 prepared speaker on October 8, 2022

What a great meeting we had!

It was the best meeting so far this year and you should know that we have a better meeting each time. Those of you who missed this meeting, be sure to join us next time.

We started out with the fun-filled table topics segment. We learned and talked about Oktoberfest with the beer and sausages, a $100 cake of roses by a famous Japanese patissier, the cow-burp tax plan in New Zealand, and many more. Where else can you learn about these important and interesting current issues but at Leadership Toastmasters?

The next was the prepared speech segment. We had one speaker who talked about a volunteer activity she organized. She and her coworkers got together and cleaned the streets of Tokyo. She shared important lessons learned. First is to ask for help. You may be surprised that many are actually willing to help. Also she said to have fun! Enjoy!

For this speech we had two evaluation speeches. The evaluators are contestants of the upcoming Area K5 evaluation speech contest on 10/30/2022, starting at 10:30 am. It is free. Please check back for the zoom link later.

The meeting was well run by Mr. Toastmaster.

At the end the winners were announce: the Best Table Topics Speaker and the Best Evaluation Speaker. Since we had only one speaker we did not need to vote for the best speaker.

We welcome guests and first-timers. If you want to improve your speech and leadership skills please contact us!

Best Table Topic Speaker: TM M.T.

Best Evaluator: TM S.M.

Best Speaker: TM K. A.

8 members attended the meeting.

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