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Regular meeting with 1 prepared speaker on October 8, 2022

The meeting started on time with our VPE’s opening remarks. He told us how important it is to use facial expressions and positive body language to show that we are being supportive listeners during virtual meetings The meeting theme was “Outing / Excursion” Word of the morning: “stupendous”

Table Topic Session was conducted by TM E.K. He asked questions while showing us slides of beautiful sceneries. The questions were mostly “Where do you want to go? There were answers with intriguing stories. One said Manhattan, and others said Nagano or Hakone. Two of the guests mentioned beautiful parks in Tokyo. The best table topic speaker was the first-time visitor to our club! Congratulations!

The prepared speaker, TM M.T. shared her experience about visiting South Korea recently but before the Covid-19. Her experience was filled with skeptical moments. The audience felt as if we had been watching a movie. We realized how powerful 7-minute speech was! During the evaluation session we used the breakout room again and the second evaluator was moved there while the first evaluator was making his evaluation speech. One of our guests was a former member of our club and a former Japan International Speech Contest Champion. He gave the evaluators a lot of tips on how to win the contest.

All in all, the meeting was filled with a lot of valuable learning tips!! Best Table Topic Speaker: Guest

Best Evaluator: TM H. Y.

Best Speaker: TM M. T.

7 members attended the meeting.

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