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Regular meeting online with 2 prepared speakers and 1 guest on 27th of May, 2023

We had a regular meeting online attended by twelve members and one guest.

The meeting theme was “Nature therapy” presented by TM SM, the Toastmaster of the Morning (TMOM), and each role taker shared their healing experiences in Nature.

Table Topic Session was conducted by TM SY. He prepared several questions related to the theme of the today’s meeting, Nature therapy. Thanks to his guidance, we could know several measures to enjoy Nature therapy presented by speakers. Especially I’m enchanted by a proposal by TM MA, the best table topic speaker, to walk on a beach with naked feet! Better to go to a beach before it gets crowded in a summer season!

Prepared Speech Session

We had two prepared speakers, TM SN and TM MT.

TM SN shared her job as an accountant in our club. Her precise work as an accountant enables our club operation go smoothly!

TM MT shared how to build up “SMART goal”. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Availability, Relevant and Time-bound, which is not only applicable in Toastmasters’ activities but in our everyday life!

Evaluation Session

We had an encouraging evaluation session by TM EK and TM MK. It’s sometimes hard to find improvement points in speeches by experienced speakers, but two experienced evaluators did a good work!

Best Table Topic Speaker: TM MA

Best Evaluator: TM MK

Best Speaker: TM MT

Business Session

We had an election for the next term executive committee. It was successfully conducted and the new term under the new presidency will start from July.

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