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Regular Meeting of Leadership TMC on 9th January 2021

Hello everyone! I'm Siwat, the IT support of the club. We have a reunion after long long break. Here is our meeting report on 9th January

TM C W, our president, has opened the meeting with a new year greeting as this is the first meeting of the year 2021. She has received 2 big Otoshi-dama (New year gift normally given to children): 2 new members of the LTMC club!

Induction Ceremony

TM M K held an induction ceremony of our new 2 members: TM S K and TM M A.

TM M A has been to LTMC before in 2016 and now she came back like a boomerang Toastmaster.

TM S K is a new face who has participated as a guest in last November. She was motivated to join this club to learn English and communication through Toastmaster.

Guest Greeting

We have many guests joining us again. TM Y T, our VPPR introduced 8 guests from all over the world again.

TM N A from Malaysia

Mr. B T, 2nd time visitor

TM N T, TM from another TMC in Tokyo

TM R M, a young lady who seeks an opportunity to develop her English

Ms N , another English teacher for children

Ms M K 3rd time visitor

Ms M Y, a friend of TM K A

TM R M from a TMC, Mumbai, India

Education Session

Toastmaster of the morning: TM O M, our VPE and right hand of our president

He told us the story of spending time new year holiday in the new normal. In the past year, we have come to think about many things due to complete change. We gained new online experiences in both working and private life.

He also shared his new year resolution: To find a new self in this year!


Word of the morning: TM Y T

Sagacious (adj) = discerning, insightful, prudent, sage, sapient, wise, and smart
Ex He is known as a sagacious person.

Timer: TM C E

Vote Counter: TM O M

Um-Ah counter: TM N S

Grammarian: TM M A

Table Topic Session: by Table Topic master TM E K

1. Do you think Japan’s figure is OK or Japan is necessary to do more to improve this figure?

2. Do you feel comfortable or satisfied with your working environment or do you want to improve that?

3. How do you evaluate your work performance or productivity and feeling of frustration while teleworking?

4. Do you think telework will be here to stay as a work style of the future?

5. If you were the prime minister of Japan, how would you improve the economy?

6. If you were a university student, which type of university would you like to go to?

Prepared Speech Session

TM K A : “Social Style” Effective Coaching #1-2 Evaluation and Feedback-1

Social style can be divided into 4 categories based on controls/emotions and ask/tell factors: Analytical, Driver, Amiable, Expressive.

· Analytical: Control and Ask tends to reserved, focus on accuracy, Scientist or Engineer

· Driver: Controls and Tells, Control emotions, tell opinions with confidence, CEO/ Team leaders

· Amiable: Ask and Emotions, Show emotions openly, prioritize relationships and feeling: Doctors/Teacher

· Expressive: Tell, Emotion, enjoy sharing ideas and dreams, Sales representative and marketers

We should know how to adapt to each social style appropriately.

“Knowing your and counterparts’ social style will enable you to have a smooth communication.”

TM J M : “Sharing what Simon Sinek discusses about negotiation and my personal experience”: Dynamic Leadership #3-1 – Negotiate the Best Outcome

This speech has shown great admiration for Simon Sinek with several quotes from his book. This speech conveyed the essence of negotiation: Knowing the definition of negotiation and success in order to reach an agreement that can satisfy your intentions with the opportunity at hand.

“Let’s use the opportunity of negotiation to build a long-lasting relationship.”

Evaluation Session

General Evaluator: TM N I opened the session very calm and orderly.

1st evaluator: TM M K

2nd evaluator: TM S M

Then we moved on to helpers’ report and general evaluation. TM N I made sure he mentioned every single role in our meeting today. Thank you!


Best Table Topic Speaker: TM N A

Best Evaluator: TM S M

Best Speaker: TM K A

TM C W delivered leverage of the day: Learning how to communicate with guests according to the opinion of our general evaluator.

Next meeting is on 23rd January Party-style meeting

In-house club contest: 13th February

Finally, we let our guest gave us their opinions about today’s meeting.

Overall participants are 20 people. This is a record number of participants in 1 year! We are happy if we can break more records! Please feel free to reach out to us if you would like to join.

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