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Regular Meeting of Leadership TMC on 27th February

Welcome to the meeting report of the regular meeting on 27th February


Our president, TM C W, shared her experience of working at home all time. She has made a sandwich with Doubanjiang and mayonnaise to spice up her lunch!

Guest greeter: TM J M has welcomed our guests.

D V G, our long time, an original member

D R, 2nd-time visitor

Education Session

Toastmaster of the Morning: King of Ramen, TM Y K

As spring is starting, many baseball teams also started training. He would like to set the theme as ‘Training’.

Today, we will have a special session to help our club representatives to compete in the Area contest. Word of the morning: Frugal (adj.), frugally (adv), frugality (n.)

(1) using only a s much money or food as is necessary.

(2) (of meals) small, plain, and not costing very much.

Timer: TM N I

Vote Counter: TM O M

Uh-Ah counter: TM M A

Grammarian: TM J M (Double role)

Table Topic Session by TM Y T, Table Topic Master

In this session, the people who were assigned the question will have to answer the question right away, without preparation in advance.

1. Please tell us your first or best online meeting in your life.

2. Please tell us your first or best experience to use a mobile phone in your life.

3. Please tell us your first or best experience when you visited a foreign country.

4. Please tell us your first or best experience when you got an award in your life.

5. Please tell us your first or best experience when you fall in love in your life.

Prepared Speech session

1st speaker: TM K A : Social style Vol. 2

Effective Coaching #1-3 – Evaluation and Feedback – 2

Introduction: The speech about Social Style again, but will go a little deeper on the topic. I hope you'll enjoy it...

2nd speaker: TM S M : Revisit My Childhood

Strategic Relationships #1-1 – Icebreaker

In this speech, he talked about his 3 behaviours from his childhood that is still the core of his present character. The cause-effect relationship of his experience with his behaviour.

3rd speaker: TM M K: Practice speech for the contest

4th speaker: TM N S: Practice speech for the contest

Evaluation session: General evaluator, TM C E

1st Evaluator: TM T H

2nd Evaluator: TM T N

Then, we have group feedback for our contest representatives!

Later, all the helpers report their roles, and the general evaluator evaluated the whole meeting today!

Lastly, award session. Here are our awardees!

Best Table Topic Speaker: D V G

Best Evaluator: TM T N

Best Speaker: TM S M

TM C W closed the meeting leverage of the day and guest comments. We have a fun meeting again, today! Thank you very much for your participation!

Next meeting of Leadership TMC will be on 27th March. See you next time!

(13th March is an Area contest date, so we will go and cheer our representatives!)

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