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Regular Meeting of Leadership TMC on 24th April 2021

TM C W, our president, started the meeting by introducing that the meeting today is a preparation for the upcoming officer election in June. Today meeting filled with speech about officer roles and Parliamentary Procedure workshop!

Guest greeter: TM J M

· Ms. M K from Saitama! She keeps a cat, too!

· Ms. M I wants to improve her presentation and public speaking skills.

Toastmaster of the Morning: TM T H, the ironman triathlete

He set the theme of the meeting as “adaptation”. He came up with this idea from the adaptation to online meetings of toastmaster club. He would like to celebrate our effort and hopes we can overcome the obstacles.

TM A M Word of the morning: Juggle

· to keep three or more objects moving through the air by throwing and catching them very quickly

· To try to fit two or more jobs, activities etc., into your life, especially difficulty

· To change things or arrange them in the way you want, or in a way that makes it possible for you to do something. (juggle something around)

Timer: TM O M

Vote Counter: TM M K

Uh-Ah counter: TM J M

Grammarian: TM C E

Prepared Speech session

1st speaker: TM K A: Toastmasters’ club officer roles

Leadership Development #1-4 – Researching and Presentation

She revisited the Leadership Handbook to learn more about the officer roles in Toastmaster club. She introduced the duty of each role: President, Vice President of Education (VPE), Vice President of Membership (VPM), Vice President of Public Relation (VPPR), Treasurer, Sargent at arms (SAA)

2nd speaker: TM C W: You are what you write?

Effective Coaching #1-2 – Evaluation and Feedback – 1

She started with the episode about her friend who has so bad handwriting that the schoolteacher of his child did believe that his sign was forged by his child. She suggested we practice 5 main words. She also tried making postcards by herself and wrote sincere messages to her friends.

3rd speaker: TM S M: Parliamentary Procedure

He gently introduced Parliamentary Procedure and the definitions of the words. You may find the slides here.

Evaluation session: General evaluator, TM Y K

1st Evaluator: TM Y T

2nd Evaluator: TM N I

3rd Evaluator: TM M K (Dancing queen)

Later, all the helpers gave feedback based on their roles and the general evaluator evaluated the whole meeting today!

Lastly, award session. Here are our awardees!

Best Evaluator: TM N I

Best Speaker: TM S M

We have a business session using Parliamentary Procedure we have learned today. We can conduct the procedure and the discussion effectively!

TM C W closed the meeting leverage of the day and guest comments. We have a super fun meeting again, today! Thank you very much for your participation!

We will have Golden week holiday next meeting. See you on 22nd May for a joint meeting with Tsukuba Toastmaster. See you next time!

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