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Regular Meeting of Leadership TMC on 12th December

TM O M opened the meeting instead of our miss president due to her private mission!

We have many guests joining us from all over Japan and from Montreal, Canada.

TM D C from Canada

Ms. S K from Yokohama,

Mr. B joining by the recommendation of his English instructor

Toastmaster of the morning: TM N T our entertainer

Today is the last meeting of the year 2020! He talked about living in this 2020 year situation and at least we survived! He set the theme of the meeting as “Survive”. Let’s enjoy the meeting.


Word of the morning: TM E K

Limit = (n) A point or level beyond which something does not or may not extend or pass.

Timer: TM K A used her virtual background to show the time. How innovative!

Vote Counter: TM S M

Um-Ah counter: TM S N mentioned that she was one of those who used filler words a lot, so she tried hard not to utter any!

Grammarian: TM C E kindly explains the role of grammarian and points she will look after.

Table Topic Session: by Table Topic master TM Y T

She kindly explained the session and basic rules of the Table Topics, impromptu speeches. She would ask questions about “Survival” and ask for a volunteer!

1. What will you do to survive in this COVID-19?

2. What did you give up in this COVID-19?

3. What is the thing you have done first time after COVID-19?

4. What do you want to improve in this COVID-19 situation?

5. What will you do to survive under the spread of COVID-19 next year?

Prepared Speech

TM J M : “Your Toastmasters Resource for Mentoring” : Dynamic Leadership #2-3 Introduction to Toastmasters Mentoring

“Usual discussion in our life is a real mentee experience for me.”

He introduced the resource from Toastmaster International to explain about Mentor-Protégé (Mentee). He mentioned about his experience of mentee briefly. He felt that usual discussion during lunch time was the real mentee experience for him. The mentoring program in toastmaster is useful and mandatory for the newcomers of Toastmaster. He summarized his experience of mentee as short, simple, and not exciting, but he reiterated the importance of mentor’s existence to the mentees as well as personal relationship with the newcomers.

TM D C : “Fear of Success” : Practicing for Speech Contest

“It’s not lack of resources. It’s only not resourceful. Action leads to success”

He started opening emotionally. What is the definition of Success? His definition is to gain something he wants. It’s subjective, contagious, and that will bring our power to that. However, the environment really affects our mind. We need to be selective so that we can evolve ourselves closer to the person we would like to be. One thing to do: Talking to strangers. Your friends, or any closed people used to be strangers. Therefore, do not limit yourself to talk to strangers, so that you can learn to be more selective. If you don’t like what you are, change the environment. Put yourself in the comfort zone is the best way to improve yourself. He mentioned about the excuses and how to solve: Action, Just do it!

General Evaluator: TM N I opened the session very calm and orderly.

1st evaluator: TM T H

2nd evaluator: TM Y K


Best TT: TM J M

Best Evaluator: TM Y K

Best Speaker: TM D C

TM O M announced the Business

Next meeting is after the New Year 2021! 9th January

In-house club contest: 13th February

Finally, we let our guest gave us their opinions about today’s meeting.

Overall participants are 16 people. Although our club became smaller in these recent years, we still have a warm atmosphere of our club as always. Please feel free to reach out to us if you would like to join.

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