Regular Meeting of Leadership TMC on 10th April 2021

TM C W, our president, started the meeting by talking about how busy her work during this fiscal year transition.

Guest greeter: TM Y T, smile queen (called by our president) has welcomed our guests.

· Mr.Y I has joined us the second time!

· Ms. S.R, a master student studying machine learning

Toastmaster of the Morning: Opera singer, TM K A

The past week was her birthday, so she set the theme as birthday and ask every role taker to share episodes about their birthdays!

TM J M: Word of the morning: Apt

Timer: TM S N

Vote Counter: TM O M

Uh-Ah counter: TM T N

Grammarian: TM N I

Table Topic Session by TM E K, Table Topic Master

In this session, the people who were assigned the question will have to answer the question right away, without preparation in advance. Today filled with a lot of social issues that we need to ponder.

Prepared Speech session

1st speaker: TM T H: Let’s improve communication skills

Innovative Planning #3-2 – Deliver Social Speeches -1

He encouraged us to practice communication skills by elaborating on how important these skills. He realized this from his life experience.

2nd speaker: TM S M: Share Your Stories

Strategic Relationships #1-2 – Evaluation and Feedback -1

He realized the trend of prepared speeches in the club, so he persuades the members to share their own stories by delivering more speeches.

Evaluation session: General evaluator, TM M K

1st Evaluator: TM

2nd Evaluator: TM C E

Later, all the helpers report their roles and the general evaluator evaluated the whole meeting today!

Lastly, award session. Here are our awardees!

Best Table Topic Speaker: TM S M

Best Evaluator: TM C E

Best Speaker: TM S M

TM C W closed the meeting leverage of the day and guest comments. We have a super fun meeting again, today! Thank you very much for your participation!

The next meeting of Leadership TMC will be on 24th April. See you next time!

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