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Regular “hybrid” meeting with 1 prepared speaker and 3 guests on 24th of December, 2022

Now a holiday season is just around the corner! We had a regular meeting in a hybrid format. 4 members at site, 3 members and 3 guests attended the meeting online.

We’re still in a learning stage to prepare a hybrid environment, though, we could start the meeting almost on time with the President’s open remarks.

The meeting theme was “Year End” presented by the Toastmaster of the Morning (TMOM) and each role taker shared their happiest moment in the year 2022.

We received two guests from overseas, Australia and the United States of America. Also, we had the former member of our Club. We always welcome any guest and the former members!

Table Topic Session was conducted by TM KA. She prepared several questions related to “Holiday seasons (Christmas, New Year)”. She gave us simple questions but drew out heart-warming memories and experiences of each speaker.

Prepared Speech Session

We had one prepared speaker, TM BA, who is a special guest from American as well as an experienced toastmaster! She shared her “word of the year” with insightful messages. Her word of the year 2022, “Choice”, will be followed by “Change” next year based on her everyday choices in her life! It was quite right that TMOM expressed her speech as “a wonderful gift in a holiday season”!

Evaluation Session

We had one evaluator for TM BA’s speech. TM RB from Australia, who is also an veteran toastmaster, gave very positive feedbacks on her speech to make it more powerful!

Best Table Topic Speaker: TM MK

Best Evaluator: TM RB

Best Speaker: TM BA

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