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Regular hybrid meeting with 1 prepared speaker and 2 guests on 8th of July, 2023

We had a very first regular meeting of this new term 2023-2024 with a new president!! Eleven members and two guests attended. The meeting started with two new members induction ceremony! What a great way to start a new year!

The meeting theme was “Hottest Summer is Coming” presented by TM HY, the Toastmaster of the Morning (TMOM), and each role taker shared their thoughts about the theme.

Table Topic Session was conducted by TM MT. It was surprising that it was his third time to attend the meeting in person! He was out of the country for a while but we met online so we were feeling like we knew him well. He prepared several questions related to the theme of the today’s meeting, “Hottest Summer is Coming”.

Not only members but two guests had a chance to deliver an impromptu speech.

One of the guests won the best table topic speaker award!

Prepared Speech Session

We expected to have two prepared speakers, TM SY and TM RB.

Due to the connection problem, we missed TM RM’s speech who attended from Australia. We needed to accommodate such happening in a hybrid setting, though, we’re hoping that we could hear him deliver a speech in the next meeting!

TM SY delivered his second prepared speech after joining our club. Audience made a journey to the eighth century of Japan by his speech and enjoyed the art of Japanese poems through the famous poet, Okura.

Evaluation Session

We had an encouraging evaluation session by TM NS. TM NS received the points to be observed by TM SY such as vocal variety before the meeting so that her articulation was very much in line with them. TM SY made a big progress except eye contact via camera, which is also a unique technique that members should acquire under a hybrid setting.

Best Table Topic Speaker: MI, a guest

Best Evaluator: TM NS

Best Speaker: TM SY

Business Session

President proposes to have a picnic to enjoy talking and games in English in September. We may invite other clubs’ members who belong to the same Division to get to know more each other!

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