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Regular “hybrid” meeting with 1 prepared speaker and 2 guests on 26th of November, 2022

After a long while, we had a regular meeting at the venue! 6 members at site and 3 members attended the meeting online.

The meeting started almost on time with the President’s open remarks, for members at site took a bit of time to prepare a hybrid environment.

The meeting theme was “Nice Bathing Day” presented by the Toastmaster of the Morning (TMOM). She presented this theme because 26th of November is the day of “Nice Bathing” by reading 1126(ii furo) in Japanese.

We received one guest from Brisbane, Australia. He joins two clubs in Japan from Australia! Also, we had the former member of our Club. We always welcome any guest and the former members!

Table Topic Session was conducted by TM HY. He prepared several questions related to “bathing” in accordance with the theme of the meeting. He gave us interesting and thoughtful questions from cross-cultural and social aspects.

Prepared Speech Session

We had one prepared speaker, TM SW. He created a story inspired by the dog he had while he was in Thailand. However, he didn’t tell us that what he talked about was a dog not about a person until the very last moment of his speech. So we were astonished by the twisted speech.

Evaluation Session

We had one evaluator for TM SW’s speech. TM EK prepared his evaluation speech during the intermission without taking a rest! He captured good points of TM SW’s speech such as well structure of the speech as well as good vocal variety.

Best Table Topic Speaker: TM TI

Best Evaluator: TM EK

Best Speaker: TM SW

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