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Party-style Meeting of Leadership TMC on 23rd January

TM C W has opened the Red decoration to match with our dress code RED or COW!

Guest Greeting

Mr. T B

Mr. D R from Italy

Ms. L H from Brazil

Our alumnus: Mr. T I

TMOM TM C E kindly explain the flow of today's meeting from Table Topic, Your Favorite session and Overall Favorite session.

Table Topic Session: by Table Topic master TM T M under the theme: BOAST

For example, Thai people were very friendly to our Table Topic Master because of his face. He’s glad that he has a face that looks like Thai people.

  1. Tell me your best thing that you bought

  2. Tell me the best city you visited

  3. Tell me your best experience that you did

Your Favorite session: We divided into 4 breakout rooms according to the topic.

  1. Favorite Song

  1. Favorite Book

  2. Favorite Movie

  3. Favorite Youtube Channel

Overall Favorite Session

The winner from each group came up to the main room to present their topic again!

TM K A introduced a song to cheer up everyone during this COVID-19. She also performed a song gracefully! Thank you. Mr. D R, our first time guest, has introduced a, not his favorite one, useful book: “Getting things done”. He grabbed the core of the book and summarized in the given time about the 2-minute rule. TM N S introduced the old but meaningful movie, ‘What a wonderful world’. This movie has reminded us of the meaning of life.

TM Y K suggested a Youtube Channel: Monodzukuri Taro 。

He also suggested that according to TM J M, Youtube has become a source of knowledge just like Wikipedia. That’s how our media is evolving.


Best Table Topic Speaker: Mr. D R

Best Costume Award: TM J M with his hand-made (cut) cow costume!

Best Overall Favorite Speaker: Mr. D R

TM C W delivered leverage of the day: We have learned the value and happiness that we can gain from talking in small groups, which is probably the thing we missed, to connect with someone.

Next meeting 13th February: In-house Speech Contest

Finally, we let our guest give us their opinions about today’s meeting.

Today we have 18 participants. This is a new kind of meeting that we have organized and you can see that we are all cooperating to wear RED or COW costumes!

Please feel free to reach out to us if you would like to join or experience our meeting!!!

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