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Leadership Toastmaster Club Meeting on 14th November 2020

Our President TM C W opened the meeting about US Election which was a hot topic in Japan! She also mentioned that 50 years ago, on 14th November, there was the first woman movement in Japan. TM C. W. kindly told us the history of this day.

Induction Ceremony

TM K. A. came back to join our club again. We conducted the Induction Ceremony to welcome here to our club. Normally, we will shake hand to welcome the new member, but because we held the meeting online. We gave her a big round of applause instead.

Guest Greeting

TM S. A. welcomed our international guests

· TM. Y D from Canada who has been long time toastmaster. She is on her way to Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), the highest rank of toastmaster.

· TM D C from Montreal, Canada who is a toastmaster in Montreal, too. He would like to visit meeting internationally in his night time there!

· TM A M, past member of our Leadership TMC, was happy to see old club member and greeted us from Fukuoka.

· Ms S K participated in the Toastmaster meeting for the first time with our VPM’s K invitation. She was preparing for an English proficiency test!

· Ms M Y is also a friend of VPM K. This is her first time to join Toastmaster meeting, too. She would like to challenge to try something new.

TMOM & Vote Counter: TM C E

Word of the Morning: “reminiscent” by TM S M

•Tending to remind one of something. (=Remind of sth)

‘the mangas were reminiscent of my childhood’

•Suggesting something by resemblance. (=similar to)

‘her horns were reminiscent of demon’

Timer: TM J M used a tablet to show the time signal!

Uh-Ah counter: TM E K, our legend member, will count the number of filler words.

Grammarian: TM S M makes sure that our English usage is correct and can communicate smoothly.

Table Topic Session with Table Topic Master (MC) as TM M K

1. If you have a chance to watch the Movie: Kimetsu no Yaiba, would you like to watch it? TM D C, our guest, replied the question with good expression of being the Demon slayer to kill the demon softly.

2. What is your favourite Disney story? TM Y L mentioned the favourite movie is UP because of the story of the couple and the aim of the old man that travelled to the beautiful place in Venezuela. She doesn’t only love, but endears the movie.

3. What is your favourite Manga or comic? TM N I said his favourite is Akira. The story of a boy who got superpower but couldn’t control his power properly. The story is about Neo Tokyo in 19xx. It also predicted to have Tokyo Olympics 2020, too! The story is serious and very detailed. It’s one of the turning points of manga in Japan, too.

4. If you are a mother or father of the 10-year-old boy, how will you tell the boy to stop reading manga and start study within 2:30 minutes? TM N S would tell the boy that she wouldn’t restrict him from reading Manga. Back to her childhood, she read a manga about Genji Monogatari that helped her understand the old Japanese subject and helped her study.

Prepared Speech

1st Speech: Effective Coaching #3-1 “Brainstorming special meetings” by TM Y K

He would like to brainstorm about a possible workshop that we can hold in our club. For examples, the book introduction workshop and Funeral workshop are given. He would like us to brainstorm about creative workshop that everyone can enjoy.

· TM D C suggests telling Jokes, a moment of humor in the meeting. He gave an example of impromptu stand-up comedy about a couple of conflicts.

· TM E K suggests from his experience with high school students. He proposed the volunteer activity workshop to convey a message to high school students to realize their opportunity, happiness, and fortunate through volunteer activity.

· TM Y L suggests storytelling. Given a phrase at the beginning, and let people made up a story following the phrase. For example, once upon a time at a shop in Tokyo, … (to be continued). She also suggested a story from 1 sentence from one speaker to make a fully coherent story.

· TM M K mentioned about the past that we had 2 contests a year. She missed the Tall Tale contest and would like to bring back the activity.

· TM S M suggested the movie introduction.

· TM K A suggested evaluation workshop and allowed everyone to evaluate a speech.

TM K finally wrapped up the brainstorming. He summarized into two categories: Traditional session and Creative session. He gave an example of idea competition from a club in Japan;

2nd Speech: Effective Coaching #1-1 “Touching…” by TM K A

She started by gracefully singing an Opera which is her favourite hobby. She then told the story about her Toastmaster Journey starting from 1999. She has participated in many roles including officers of the club. In 2018, she got ACG award, and somehow burn-out. She felt that she was doing too many things, and left the Toastmaster club. She decided to conduct training in English at her company. This was the incentive to achieve this mission. That reminded her of her toastmaster experience. As well as another goal of being a touching singer and pianist. She would like to make most of the time for the trainees and she thinks she needs to improve herself at this Toastmaster club. Therefore, she can make a speech that can touch people’s heart with her speech.

Evaluation session with General evaluator as TM Y T

TM Y T told some joke about her name and our guest TM Y L that is reminiscent to hers.

TM C W evaluated the speech for TM Y K. She empathized how difficult the preparation of his speech and balancing people interaction and time control. This is a good practice for the business world to be a great facilitator.

Points to learn:

· Good explanation and outlines of today project, as well as the reason for the workshop

· Good conclusion that the opinion can be diverse and TM Y K can categorize into 2 kinds.

· He may instruct the time control as a rule for brainstorming before beginning the discussion.

TM T H evaluated the speech for TM K A. He told his impression of her speech.

Point to learn:

· Great attention-grabbing by Opera singing which is similar to his hobby, Karaoke

· He empathized the purpose of touching people’s heart.

· It would be more colourful to add some vocal variety and emotional expression. This can be improved by rehearsing speech more and the speech and feeling will come out naturally.

Then, the helpers reported their duty throughout the meeting.

TM Y T generally evaluated the meeting for each single role.

Award session

· Best Table Topic Speaker: TM D C (guest)

· Best Evaluator: TM C W

· Best Speaker: TM K A

Congratulations to all winners!


Next meeting on 28th November is the joint meeting with Tokyo Metropolitan TMC. Please note that the venue will be in Kanda and the time will be earlier than usual. Please pay attention to the email of our VPE TM O M.

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