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Joint meeting with Tsukuba TMC on November 19, 2022

Traditional Joint Meeting with Tsukuba TMC was finally held!!! We Leadership TMC members visited their online club meeting in the afternoon!!!

There were 2 speakers from Tsukuba TMC and two speakers from Leadership TMC. We saw familiar faces and we all enjoyed the excitement of exchanging this learning opportunity!

Table Topic Session was conducted by TM C.E. She asked questions while showing us slides of modern arts. The art works were unique, and the speakers needed their imagination!

Prepared Speakers are:

TM K.O. (Tsukuba TMC) Pottery Enriched My Daily Life TM S.N. (Leadership TMC) Rest My Brain TM I. M.(Tsukuba TMC) Tsukuba Community Center Journal TM M. K.(Leadership TMC) Solidarity and Harmony Tsukuba members evaluated Leadership members’ speeches and so did Leadership members! Everyone had a great time together on Saturday afternoon. Our next joint meeting with Tsukuba will be in May 2023. Best Table Topic Speaker: TM A.K.(Tsukuba)

Best Evaluator: TM S.M.

Best Speaker: TM M. K. 6 members attended this joint meeting form Leadership and there were 13 members and 1 guest were there at Tsukuba TMC.

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