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Joint meeting with Tokyo Metropolitan Toastmasters Club (4 speakers) on Nov 27th 2021

Blog credit: TM A.M.

Toastmasters of the Morning: TM T.N. Theme: Joint Meeting with Tokyo Metropolitan Toastmasters Club Guest Greeter: TM Y.K. This was the first time that we had a hybrid-joint meeting for us. Until the last minute, all the members at the venue were trying to have the meeting fully prepared. Time management is very important... And here we go! The meeting got started on time.

For starters, our president expressed her gratitude with words for everyone who devoted their time and effort to make the day happen. Then Guest Greeter Greeted 2 guests. One of the guests visited our club once. The other guest was TM U from Ibaraki. He attended the meeting online, thanked for welcoming him regardless of his sudden visit. Of course, we welcome anyone anytime, who is interested in our club!

Now the first session was a new session for Leadership Toastmasters club, a session usually conducted at Tokyo Metropolitan Toastmasters Club called ‘Good & New’ session. More than 10 members respectively gave a short talk about their pastime, favorite food, beautiful nature, and you name it. It was a great opportunity to reflect on our daily lives positively.

And the main session came next, the prepared speech session with 4 speakers.

The first speaker talked about a dialogue with a past giant who predicted the future including paperless society and teleworking.

The second speaker shared his own experience, referring to different ways between men and women. He concluded understanding different communication styles would lead better to your relationship with your partner. I wish my husband attended the meeting and listened to his speech attentively. Haha.

The third speaker reflected on his impressive Toastmasters path with his great memories with his friends who encouraged him a lot.

The last speaker recommended us to visit various Toastmasters clubs online across the globe to broaden our horizons. Actually she has attended countless club meetings so far both inside and outside Japan. How passionate she is! Amazingly done! Next session was Table Topic Session, impromptu speech in 1-2.5 minutes. Speakers were asked intriguing questions such as: “What do you think is necessary to be a metropolitan city?”, “What do you think is necessary to make a good leader?”, ``What are the good points of living in Tokyo?”, and "Who is your favorite leader?”. Personally I had a question I hardly made up an appropriate answer on the spot, but all the speakers made it! Last session was Evaluation session. Each evaluator mentioned how well each prepared speaker did and what they could have done for improvement in terms of speech structures, contents, nonverbal languages, and so forth.

Best Table Topics Speaker: TM C.W.

Best Evaluator: TM Y.K.

Best Speaker: TM D.G. (Tokyo Metropolitan Toastmasters Club) In this way, we had another fruitful meeting and got confidence in conducting another hybrid meeting in the near future. Again, much obliged to everyone, especially thanks to TM N who always entertains us! PS: Both online and meeting room attendees had no problem joining the meeting. No IT problem occurred. Members who joined the meeting enjoyed meeting each other for the first time in 1.5 years. Reunion was indeed a perfect word for our club.

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