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Joint Meeting with Shanghai Leadership Toastmaster Club on 24th November

We have a joint meeting with Shanghai Leadership Toastmaster Club (SLTMC)!

Tokyo Leadership Toastmaster Club (TLTMC) president TM C C and Shanghai LTMC president TM C L opened the meeting together. Our VPM TM M K welcome many guests from all over the world.

Toastmaster of the Morning (Like an MC of the meeting): TM J M who has put a great effort into the meeting preparation!

· Word of the morning: TM S N

· Timer: TM C E

· Vote counter: TM O M

· Um-Ah counter: TM N I

· Grammarian: TM L A (SLTMC)

Prepared Speech

Today’s session will be different from usual. There are altogether 8 speakers and 2 evaluators.

1. TM L P (Tokyo) introduced the history of Tokyo Leadership Toastmaster Club.

2. TM C C (Shanghai) introduced the history of Shanghai Leadership Toastmaster Club.

3. TM S M (Tokyo) talked about repainting his memory at Mt. Fuji.

4. TM H X (Shanghai) talked about the history of a bridge as time passes.

5. TM N S (Tokyo) talked about a trip to Tokyo and a beautiful little town that you can enjoy.

6. TM R S (Shanghai) talked about the scenic view and the reason he loves Shanghai.

7. TM E K (Tokyo) introduced Japanese Culture which is his interest in a very nice manner.

8. TM E C (Shanghai) described her anecdotes about her family and how she changed her perspective about her mother after growing up.

Networking session

We were invited to breakout rooms to talk and chitchat.

Evaluation session with General evaluator as TM R S (Shanghai)

1st Evaluator: TM T N (Tokyo) evaluated every speaker in a very funny way. He is really a laugh maker!

2nd Evaluator: TM L S (Shanghai) evaluated speakers with his theme ‘choice’. He gave choices to every speaker.

Every helper reported their duty.

Award session:

Best speakers: Every speaker!

Best evaluator: Both evaluator!

We closed the meeting with laughers and smile!

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