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Joint Meeting of Leadership TMC and Tsukuba TMC on 22nd May 2021

TM C W, our president, and TM T M, president of Tsukuba TMC started the meeting together. We usually hold the joint meeting annually. We have been doing this for 10 years already! COVID-19 could not stop us!

Guest greeter: TM Y T

· Ms Y T our 2nd-time guest

· TM H joined us from Indonesia

Toastmaster of the Morning: TM O M (LTMC)

TM M K (LTMC) Word of the morning: Efficacious

Timer: TM C E (LTMC)

Vote Counter: TM M K (LTMC)

Uh-Ah counter: TM M T (TTMC)

Grammarian: TM Y N (TTMC)

Table Topic Session

We have TM J M (LTMC) as Table Topic Master. He conducted the session like a quiz programme. He will give question with the answer to make to the speech of Table Topic!

1. Which brand of beer use ‘Harp’ as the brand identity?

2. Bruce Lee succeeded in Hollywood as an action star back in the 1970s. Which country he’s from?

3. What is the smallest country in the world?

4. Two Indonesian startups, Gojek and Tokopedia merged and will be listed on both JKT and NYC stock exchange. What is the name of the new company?

5. Name the country with 5th largest population in the world?

Prepared Speech session

1st speaker: TM S N (LTMC), Innovative Planning #3-1 – Present a Proposal

“Let’s think about Food loss in our daily life”

She talked about how much food loss in our daily life based on her life after COVID-19. Food loss has increase drastically especially in house. Therefore, she encouraged us to reduce food loss by starting from our own small actions.

2nd speaker: TM M W (TTMC), Presentation Mastery #1-3 – Evaluation and Feedback – 2

“Unfulfilled Promise of the March 10”

He has talked about his experience in the war and the disaster after that using illustrations. This made us feel like we are listening to a story with illustrations when we were children. The fire is disastrous and dreadful. It has taken many lives. 75 years have passed. He still remembered those memories, voice, and feeling very well. He is determined to act to prevent the war so that no one has to suffer again.

3rd speaker: TM K A (LTMC), Leadership Development #2-1 – Managing Time

“Pain-Free Life”

She told her experience of pain in her knee and heel. She wants to have a treatment for her pain, but unluckily the stretching shop closes. She then read the book [足腰が20歳若返る 足指のばし] by Dr. Imai Kazuaki

She described the changes of our feet. She then showed us how to stretch our feet. After she tried these, she showed changes and improvement from exercises. She encouraged us to do this exercise that we can live a pain-free life!

4th speaker: TM T M (TTMC), Presentation Mastery #3-4 – using Presentation software


She talked about Photoaging of our skin that ages when exposed to ultraviolet light. UV light accelerates the photoaging of our skin. She then explained the mechanism of UV light affecting our skins and also showed a comparison.

Evaluation session: General evaluator, TM Y U (TTMC)

1st Evaluator: TM J K (TTMC)

2nd Evaluator: TM E K (LTMC)

3rd Evaluator: TM R M (TTMC)

4th Evaluator: TM N I (LTMC)

Later, all the helpers report their roles and the general evaluator evaluated the whole meeting today!

Lastly, the award session. Here are our awardees!

Best Table Topic Speaker: TM S M

Best Evaluator: TM N I

Best Speaker: TM K A

We close the meeting with the remarks from both presidents LTMC and TTMC.

TM C W closed the meeting leverage of the day and guest comments. We have a super fun meeting again, today! Thank you very much for your participation!

We will have the next meeting for selecting new officers. See you on 12th June for a regular meeting. See you next time!

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