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Report on 448th Meeting on 10th October: Online Meeting

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

We started our meeting with a talk from our president TM CW. A Guest Greeter TM MK has introduced 2 guests today!

The Toastmaster of the morning is our immediate past president TM SM. He introduced the meeting theme of hospitality and introduced the helpers of the meeting as follows

  • · TM CE introduced word of the morning as ‘BRISK’ = energetic

  • · TM MK explained about the time allowed to speak.

  • · TM SM was also a vote counter of the meeting.

  • · TM NI explained about Um-Ah counter role and admitted that he’s also not good at holding his filler words, but he would like to support.

  • · TM NS has explained a grammarian role to help correct our grammar and catch great phrases during the meeting.

Table Topic Session

Then, we moved on to Table Topic session. TM TN conducted this session by asking questions related to ‘hospitality’. His questions have made us reflect on how good our world is with hospitality. Through the questions, we learned that although the definition of hospitality may differ from countries and culture, the essence is the same, to welcome and entertain friends or strangers at our best.

Prepared Speech Session

In the prepared speech session, we have two prepared speakers.

First, TM CW has delivered a speech under the title “My Time, My Life”. She mentioned how important our time was and delivered a strong message of using our time wisely.

Second, TM JM has delivered a speech under the title “Let’s add new portfolio, overseas joint meeting!”. He has introduced the outline of the upcoming meeting on 24th Oct which is a joint meeting with Shanghai Leadership Toastmaster Club.


After the intermission, TM YK took the lead in Evaluation as a General Evaluator. He started with speech evaluators:

TM YT evaluated TM CW’s speech and TM EK evaluated TM JM speech.

Brainstorming Session

We also had a special brainstorming session by TM OM and TM JM. Everyone shared their ideas about the recommendation in Japan to welcome guests from Shanghai!

Best Performance of the Day

Then, the helpers reported their reports.

Finally, we announced our best performance of today:

Best TT: TM LP

Best Evaluator: TM YT

Best Speaker: TM JM

Congratulations for all winners

That’s all for today report! Our next meeting is on 24th October 2020. If you would like to join, please feel free to contact us in the contact page!

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