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Enjoyable meeting with two Speakers on 28 January 2023

“Dream” was the meeting theme of the day.

The meeting promptly started on time by President TM M.K.

TMoM, TM S.M. introduced the word ‘Aspire’ as the Word-of-the-Day, and then prompted members to introduce each meeting roles.

In the Educational Session, a Table-Topic session was conducted by TMoM based on the meeting theme. Five questions were given to members related with “Dream”: a dream to remember, a dream to desire, someone else’s dream, a scary dream, a foretelling dream.

The first prepared Speaker, TM C.E., talked about what she had learned in TLI’s seminar on ‘How to write a winning speech’ and summarized some important points for the members.

The second Speaker, TM M.K., talked about the on-going preparation of the club’s 500th special event, and encouraged full-member participation.

In the Evaluation session, TM K.A., evaluating the first speech, gave suggestions on the use of slides and on some improvement on concluding phrases.

TM R.M., evaluating the second speech, gave effective summary of the speech and suggested some improvement on concluding phrases.

Best Table Topics Speaker: TM C.E.

Best Evaluator: TM R.M.

Best Prepared Speaker: TM C.E.

It was one of very enjoyable meetings, and President M.K. urged members to strongly support the on-coming speech contest.

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