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Special Announcement: Joint Meeting with Shanghai Toastmaster Club

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

During this COVID-19 situation, traveling by fleets are so difficult, but we can still connect via online platforms.

In the upcoming meeting on 24th October, we are going to have our FIRST INTERNATIONAL MEETING with Shanghai Leadership Toastmaster Club.

Shanghai Leadership Toastmaster Club is also home to several of China's speech champions. We believe that this will be an invaluable experience to learn from them!

Enjoy sharing different atmosphere

We will have a different meeting structure from our regular meetings, so that the members from both clubs can share our club culture to each other. Instead of proceeding the meeting with Table Topic Session, Prepared Speech Session, and Evaluation Session as normal, we are going to have Introduction of the Club from both Tokyo and Shanghai sides. We can enjoy the history of the club from the legend members. This is going to be a good sharing from both sides. The agenda outline is like this:

  • Club Introduction

  • Special Mini-speech

  • Online Networking

  • Evaluation session

The Great Wall

Special Mini-speech: Recommendation for Shanghai and Tokyo

This session will be specially held to distribute the chance to let the participants find some information and plan for the future trip, in a format of short speech (2-3 min). We will share our recommendation in three categories: Go, Eat, and Culture

  • Go: Where do we recommend to travel?

  • Eat: Where do we recommend to eat?

  • Culture: What kind of interesting piece of knowledge?

Different culture in men toilet

Online Networking: Discussion over Go, Eat, and Culture

During the break, we will discuss the topics that we have talked earlier to express our hospitality and build a future network.

If you would like to join, ...

Please email to our club in the contact page, our team will contact you and provide you how to join.

If you would like to know any further details, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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