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529th Regular Meeting (Hybrid), "New term" 9th June 2024

The chairperson TM H.Y. opened the meeting at 10am sharp, saying there was a District Speech Contest including a wide variety of speeches, both international and domestic themes. He recommended handling international themes to appeal to judges. The meeting was managed in a heartwarming atmosphere thanks to the TMoM N.S.

We had two guests, B. from Nepal and Roy online.

The first prepared speaker S.Y. passionately talked about his memorable visit to Kyoto. He introduced an experience about a foreign visitor with her noisy atmosphere and that was solved by ChatGPT.

The second speaker R.M. started her chanting Buddhism sutra resonantly and dug down a high ranking Buddhist priest "Bukkai Syonin".

TM L.T. led the Table Topic Session through a wide range of topics to enhance our lifestyle. Six table topic speakers shared their lively stories.

We had encouraging evaluation session with good points as well as points to be improved. 1st evaluator H.Y. gave an elaborate evaluation speech to TM S.Y. The second evaluator TM Z.K. gave a considerate evaluation speech to TM R.M.

Best Speaker : TM S.Y. and TM R.M.

Best Evaluator : TM Z.K.

Best Table Topic Speaker : TM Y.K.

THe next regular meeting will be held on 6/22 in hybrid from 10am JST at Tokyo Volunteer Center. Join us the Leadership Toastmasters Club for fun and learning!

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