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526th Regular Meeting (Hybrid), “Awakening: Embrace new beginnings” 27th April 2024

The Chairperson TM H.Y. opened the session, intriguingly sharing a global survey result about happiness. The meeting was managed in an engaging manner with good rhythm thanks to the TMoM R.M. 

We had a guest from Nepal, who started his new beginning with an assignment in Japan six months ago. He won the award of Best Table Topic Speaker!

The first prepared Speaker, TM M.S., talked about her learning around a mindful sexual life as her invitation. The second Speaker, TM E.K., shared his concern about food shortage due to the demography in future, and that “organic beers, wines and sake” as a solution. 

TM M.K. led the Table Topic session in line with the theme today. where the table topic speakers shared their memories of Day1 in schools; from an elementary school to university.  

We had encouraging evaluation speeches with good points as well as improvement points.

Best Speaker: TM E.K.

Best Evaluator :TM Y.K. 

Best Table Topic Speaker: Guest

We all also enjoyed Enjoyed the quiz session as well. 

Next regular meeting will be on 5/11 in hybrid from 10am JST at Tokyo Volunteer Center.

Join us, the Leadership Toastmasters Club for fun & learning!

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