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520th Regular Meeting (online), Meeting theme was "Resilience"

We disappointingly had no guests today; however, both ice-breaking speeches were brilliant. One speaker introduced the concept of finding her own paths and prospects from now on, and the second speaker explained why she chose the Leadership TMC!! Both were genuine and sincere speakers. The evaluators were more than excellent, and the Table Topic Session conducted by R was very intriguing. You can imagine how difficult the vote was to choose the 'best.'


Our next meeting on February 10th will be an online in-house speech contest! Come and join us!! Just comment 'I want to be a guest' here, and we will send you the Zoom URL."



Best Speaker: TM M. S.

Best Evaluator :TM M. T.

Best Table Topic Speaker: TM M.T. & TM H.Y

Word of the Day: Invincible

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