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518th Meeting, Special Christmas Speech Contest! 23rd December 2023

What a wonderful Christmas party we had! This kind of in-person party was held for the first time in three years. There were 13 members and 2 guests who were past members, and one guest who is going to be a member next month.

We had a Special Christmas Speech contest. All the participants spoke up, and everybody talked about their feedback for the year 2023. Each speech was fabulous. The officers were the judges and voted to choose the best speaker. The winners received a special gift from our President TM H.Y.

We also had a very intriguing Table Topics session which was led by TM E.K. All in all, our last meeting of 2023 was very fruitful. There was lots of food and drinks, and we enjoyed exchanging presents.

Special Christmas Speech contest winners:

1st place: TM N.I.

2nd place: TM N.S.

3rd place: TM R.M.

We wish you happy holidays!

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