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517th Regular Meeting (Hybrid), "All's well that ends well" 9th December 2023

Today's theme was All's well that ends well.  This is from William Shakespeare.  The word was Significant.  

We had three guests today.  

VPM conducted an induction ceremony for a new member.  She is the third new member in this term.  

We had two prepared speeches, six table topics speakers, and two evaluators.

The first speech was about diversity and inclusion.  The second speech was about negotiating the price.  Both speeches were well crafted and well delivered.  Both speakers joined our club less than one year ago and they have made excellent progress!  Speech winners are posted in easySpeak.

The meeting went smoothly according to the agenda.

Our next meeting on the 23rd will be a Christmas party, from 2 to 5 pm.

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