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516th Regular Meeting (Hybrid), "Diversity" 25th November 2023

Meeting report: November 25, 2023

Hybrid meeting at Tokyo Volunteer Center @Iidabashi

Meeting Theme: Diversity


Best Speaker: Guest Speaker Mr. D.V,G.

Best Evaluator: TM M.T.

Best Table Topic Speaker: TM R.M.

Word of the day: Outstanding

We recently conducted our penultimate meeting of the year, and it was a memorable one.

TM A.T. took on the Toastmasters of the Morning role for the first time, showcasing meticulous preparation and ensuring for all. The chosen theme for the meeting was thought-provoking - 'diversity'. Our two guests enthusiastically shared their unique experiences during the table topic speeches, and as a result, they were awarded as the best table topic speakers of the day. Notably, TM R.M., a speaker from Philippines, decided to join our club in December, injecting a fresh and vibrant energy into our sessions and contributing to the overall diversity of our group.

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