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514th Regular Meeting (Hybrid), "Cultural Connection" 28th October 2023

Regular meeting with two speakers on Oct. 28, 2023

We welcomed a quest who is a member of her company's toastmasters club.

"Cultural Connection" was chosen by TMoM as the meeting theme of the day and

multiculturalism or cultural connection has become more important these days.

The word "Cloak and dagger" was introduced as the Word-of-the-Day.

In the educational session, a Table-Topic session was conducted by Table Topic Master wit the theme "memorable stuff". Three interesting questions were given to members:

memorable book, memorable aroma and memorable service.

The first prepared speaker talked about the appealing of public bath in contrast with Tokyo Disneyland with rich humor.

The second speaker honestly talked about his hardships of his work life and

his feelings.

In the Evaluation session, the first evaluator highly praised of the first speaker and her sense of humor contrast of public bath to Tokyo Disneyland. She also add an improvement point to use positive body language.

The second evaluator praised the first speaker for his courage to face the hardships of his work and well summarized his evaluation by citing the speaker's three logo words.

The meeting was reviewed by a short quiz session conducted by Quiz Master.

Best Table Topic speaker: TM NI

Best Evaluator: TM NI

Best Prepared speaker: TM CE

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