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512th Regular Meeting (Hybrid), "Enjoyment of Autumn" 9th September 2023

Hello Toastmasters and public speaking enthusiasts! I recently had the honor of serving as the General Evaluator at our 512th club meeting. This event brought together 13 Toastmasters members and 3 enthusiastic guests, all eager to share in the joy of communication and leadership.

Our Toastmasters of the Morning, TM.S.Y, had been meticulously preparing for this event since our last meeting, seeking participation and assistance from various members.

With the theme "Enjoyment of Autumn," participants in helper roles shared their unique ways of savoring the season.

Two brave speakers, both presenting their very first Prepared Speeches as Ice Breakers, took the stage. It was heartwarming to see our members attentively listening, nodding, and offering encouraging smiles to support these novice speakers on their debut.

During Table Topics, members and guests shared their recommendations for autumn's best tourist spots, favorite movies, novels, and typhoon season tips. A guest who was graciously given the speaking opportunity was named the Best Table Topic Speaker.

Our next regular meeting will be held on October 14th. We'll also be having a joint picnic with other Toastmasters clubs on September 23rd, extending our friendship beyond the meeting room. Stay tuned for more updates from our Toastmasters Club!

Best Prepared Speaker: TM. A.T.

Best Evaluator: TM.C.E.

Best Table Topic Speaker: Special Guest

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