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502th regular meeting on 25th March 2023

TM H.Y, Toastmasters of the day, led the meeting with a Spring-like theme is "Let's enjoy traveling."

Thanks to TM M.A's questions, the Table Topic session was bloomed with speeches about "sojourn(s)", the word of the day.

TM R.B.'s prepared speech titled "I am still learning" showed the fact that Japan is an aging society, and hope for getting over it with heartwarming pictures and graphs comparing with other countries. His over 20 min. speech dig the stories with active working elderly people.

In evaluation session, TM E.K. evaluated TM R.B.'s speech.

TM S.N., General Evaluator, summed up the evaluations.

Best Table Topic Speaker : TM M.T.

Best Evaluator : TM E.K.

Best Speaker : TM R.B.

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